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Safeguarding Parents/Carers

What to do if a parent/carer discloses:

Whilst it is essential to report disclosures of violence experienced by children under 18 to safeguard them from harm; it is not the same for adults and it is important to maintain confidentiality when adults disclose violence. Unless there are children at risk, for example if there are children in the home where she has disclosed domestic violence, or if they are considered to be high risk or deemed to be ‘vulnerable’.

There is no duty to report, but if you have any concerns that a child could also be at risk or other serious concerns and need someone to talk to, contact your organisation’s child protection lead.

Top Tips to safeguard parents/carers:

If a parent/carers discloses, the following things need to be consider in your response to her disclosure so that you can ensure that they, and their children, receive the support that they need: