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How to work within the local community

Education organisations are in a prime position to make links across communities, to build partnerships with local organisations, to work with local people and to pull in the expertise of local specialists. It is important that prevention programmes reach out…

There are loads of interesting, innovative and important prevention projects going on around the UK and the world. It can help keep the momentum and give inspiration to find out about different projects and make links to share learning. The Network pages give more information about other prevention projects and provide an opportunity for people to add their own project. We want to map out and link up organisations and people up in local areas and around the UK to build an active and vibrant network of prevention practitioners.

Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) is a global issue that impacts on women and girls across the world, but in different communities violence can take different forms. It is important that any education organisation understands the different contexts and different experiences of Violence Against Women and Girls within the local area, but at the same time gives consideration to all forms of VAWG. We are developing more guidance on this with regional leads and will update this soon.

This section:

There is information on how to identify and work with external experts.

There is information on how to build partnerships across the local community.

United voices to stop all forms of Violence Against Women and Girls:

Learning and campaigning about stopping Violence Against Women and Girls can bring people and communities together with a unified voice and commitment to action.