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How to Institutionalise a programme of prevention

A comprehensive programme of delivery is necessary to embed and enhance the prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls across any education setting. Two key elements of success have been identified as creating a sustained drop feed of work across the school. These are:

1. The embedding of work within curriculum areas, which is revisited across the years and

2. Actively demonstrating the priority of prevention work across the school.

“Good school development, I believe, comes from sustained drip feed education in the area or areas of the curriculum. It reaches every child and has a progression to it (Secondary school teacher).”

Developing a comprehensive programme of prevention:

To develop a comprehensive programme to end Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) it is important to move beyond the classroom, by raising the profile of the prevention work, by backing up the messages received during sessions, with posters, campaigns and Assemblies, by integrating it within policies and procedures. This is also more likely to ensure clear and consistent messages are given to children and young people in relation to challenging instances of Violence Against Women and Girls.

We have been working with prevention practitioners for years to figure out ‘what works’ in education to stop Violence against Women and Girls. We know that the best way is to develop a ‘whole-school approach’ that works with all the stakeholders within the education organisation – the children and young people, staff and parents/carers. We have developed a way of thinking about a comprehensive programme of prevention that considers both the key people and the key activities that education institutions can use as a framework for developing their own strategies or policies on stopping Violence against Women and Girls.

For an education organisation to fully institutionalise a prevention programme they will need to consider and plan how they are then going to develop and implement a strategy or policy that incorporates elements from across this framework.

This section:

There is guidance and information on embedding opportunities for children and young people to learn about Violence Against Women and Girls across the curriculum.

There is guidance and information on creating organisational cultures that promote gender equality and have a zero-tolerance approach to any incidences of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG).