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E-learning on safeguarding for staff

Safeguarding E-learning

We have developed a short e-learning module on safeguarding and Violence Against Women and Girls. This has been piloted with projects across the UK and now forms part of the annual child protection training in some Secondary schools, youth centres and pupil referral units. It is also being used by the Metropolitan Police’s Safer Schools officers.

It is important that this e-learning is part of a broader training programme. This can include learning opportunities that are face-to-face so that the big and complex issues of Violence Against Women and Girls can be discussed. We recommend that a blended learning programme is delivered like the one outlined in this AVA Outline of Training Programme.

Information and access to support services for staff who are participating in this e-learning module are essential. We recommend that external agencies can be asked to deliver a drop-in support session in the week that the organisation roll out the e-learning. Leaflets, posters and information can also be discussed and distributed to staff in meetings or briefings.

If you have completed the e-learning and would like a certificate, please contact us and we will be happy to send you one!


*This e-learning is currently being updated and CPD accredited– This should be available by Jan 2020