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The Ask AVA prevention platform has been created to support education practitioners across the UK to develop and deliver a comprehensive programme to stop Violence Against Women and Girls.

It is based on the specialist knowledge and experiences of teachers, youth workers, service providers and local authority leads from across the country.

AVA is an expert, groundbreaking and independent charity working across the UK.

Our vision

A world without gender based violence and abuse.

Our mission

Working with survivors to end gender-based violence by championing evidence-based change.

Our guiding principles

  • Survivors are at the heart of everything we do.
  • As a feminist organisation, we understand that ending violence and abuse means challenging societal attitudes in order to change the behaviour of individual perpetrators.
  • AVA is a fiercely independent organisation. We are informed by the lived experience of survivors, robust evidence and a passion for equality.
  • We can make more of a difference in partnership than alone. We all have a responsibility to work together to end gender based violence, particularly against women and girls.

About Ask AVA

Ask AVA is a updated version of our original Prevention Platform. It was originally funded by Comic Relief as part of our work on preventing Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG).

Over the last ten years we have worked with a range of partners to evaluate current prevention programmes and to develop a whole school approach model. The learning from this work led to the development of this prevention platform which aims to be a unique ‘one-stop shop’ for information, tools and resources to help you prevent VAWG with the young people you work with.

In the first stage of this project we evaluated the work of six grassroot expert organisations:

In the second stage we worked with the following regional partners:

We would like to thank all of these fantastic organisations for the work they do to prevent VAWG and to protect survivors of abuse.


Comic Relief have produced a report based on the findings of the first stage of the project. You can read the report below.


Here is a summary of the project findings


The full report is here