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We are thrilled to have WON the MEDEA Professional Production Award! We believe this highlights how important prevention work is and hopefully that this site offers a unique space to learn about VAWG and understand how to challenge and prevent it.

We have also been shortlisted for two prestigious learning awards (to be announced in February). For more details please see this press release: http://www.trainingpressreleases.com/news/saffron-interactive/2014/saffron-interactive-and-avas-digital-prevention-platform-is-finalist-for-three-prestigious-awards

We would like to thank Saffron Interactive for all their help and support in building this award winning resource!

Since the site launched in September we have been busy uploading some brilliant resources to the database and projects to the map.

Some great new resources to check out are:

All of the resources on the site have met our promising practice criteria:

  1. Written in simple and accessible language that is easy to understand.
  2. Based on an understanding of gender inequality as both a cause and consequence of violence against women and girls.
  3. Within a human rights framework that understands the need to inform people about their right to live a life free from violence and to hold service providers, perpetrators and staff to account to protect that right.
  4. Puts the safety of children and young people at the forefront of the programme, with a focus on advice and guidance on safeguarding.
  5. Appropriate for the age of the child or young person.
  6. Up to date and relevant with the latest stats, facts and theories.
  7. Culturally sensitive.
  8. Different learning styles and abilities are taken into account.
  9. Monitoring and evaluation embedded within the programme.

We hope you enjoy the site – don’t forget to try our free e-learning resource!

We would like to feature regular blog posts by national experts and organisations working to prevent VAWG. Please contact us if you would like to write a post!