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Pleasure vs. Profit is a set of resources challenging porn culture and providing the facts about the industry behind the images. Find out how sexualisation and pornography affect young people in Scotland, and what you can do about it.

Watch Pleasure vs. Profit: Growing Up in Pornified Scotland
With input from young people, police and activists, this short film ex.poses how the porn industry manipulates young people’s natural curiosity about sex, and in doing so jeopardises their ability to explore their sexuality in a healthy way and at their own pace.

See the Pornification – Pleasure Vs Profit resource pack.
A comprehensive information pack, developed by the Women’s Support Project with support from Zero Tolerance, which provides more information and ideas on how to challenge ‘porn culture’.

For more information on Pornography by the Women’s Support Network click here.

Zero Tolerance / Women’s Support Project, 2012