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A resource to guide pupils from primary 4-7 and teachers through an exploration of the issues of domestic abuse and bullying, and the problems these can cause for children and young people.

The story involves 4 main characters and highlights their experiences at home and in school. Two of the characters are experiencing domestic abuse in their homes.

The film exemplifies some of the problems faced by pupils who have experienced domestic abuse as they attend school. The film presents no resolution but asks the viewer to consider the thoughts, feelings, actions and dilemmas of the characters in the story.

Each of the workshops suggest ways of exploring the issues in the film and guides pupils towards expressing their feelings, considering the feelings of others and using a solution-focussed approach to creating a more positive and supportive class environment.

The session outcomes should be recorded on a learning wall which will chart progress and help pupils to reach conclusions.

Watch the Gold Stars and Dragon Marks Film on Vimeo

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Zero Tolerance, 2011