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A resource aimed at Year 9′s about gender inequality, gendered violence and teenage relationship abuse developed by Womankind. Includes four plans for PSHE and Citzenship lessons.

Before beginning this work be sure to establish ground rules
The pack for Year 9 teachers includes a copy of the ‘Spiralling’ DVD with
downloadable activities. The DVD contains a drama charting how a relationship
becomes increasingly controlling and abusive, and has pause points for the class
to discuss what they have seen. If students have already completed the Year
7 & 8 modules, teachers in Year 9 might prefer to work from the DVD, to
avoid repetition.

Aims of unit
• To enable students to see that violence against women is a breach of women’s
Human Rights and to empathise with women who suffer violence.
• To help students understand how gender stereotypes limit their lives
and relationships.
• To help students understand how unequal power can create unhealthy relationships.
• To provide students with skills to recognise and deal with pressure in relationships.
• To give students the opportunity to practise these skills through role-play.

Learning outcomes
Students will:
• Become familiar with the relevant articles of the UN Declaration
of Human Rights.
• Have a clearer understanding of gender stereotypes and the inequality
of power roles they impose.
• Have discussed and debated some of the myths surrounding issues of
sexual consent.
• Have learnt to identify some of the different ways people respond
to pressure.
• Have identified and practised assertiveness skills.
• Have the opportunity to examine and discuss their own views on
relationship violence.

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