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A resource aimed at Year 7’s about Sexual Bullying and Gender Inequality developed by Womankind. Includes four plans for PSHE and Citzenship lessons.

Aims of the unit:

• To enable young people to understand rights as a way of realising the respect
due to each and every individual by virtue of his/her humanity.
• To identify gender-based bullying and sexual harassment as human-rights abuses.
• To enable students to critically review the school anti-bullying policy.

Learning outcomes:

• Start to understand differences in gender.
• Think about the impact their actions can have on others.
• Understand the difference between wants, needs and rights, and the difference
between moral and legal rights.
• Agree ground rules for classroom behaviour that reflect everyone’s right to be
treated with respect.
• Recognise sexual harassment as a specific kind of bullying.
• Agree how everyone’s right to be treated with respect can become part of the
school ethos.
• See how far this right is already reflected in the school’s anti-bullying policy

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