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A resource aimed at Year 8’s about gender inequality that includes reflection on forced marriage developed by Womankind. Includes four plans for PSHE and Citzenship lessons.

Aims of unit:
• To help students understand that all cultures have their own gender expectations
and that there are common features across cultures.
• To help students understand the impact these expectations can have on their lives
and to learn where they can go for help.
• To increase students’ awareness of the international and cross-cultural support for
Human Rights law.
• To increase awareness of possible conflicts between the needs of the individual
and the needs of the group, and to see how gender impacts on this.
• To help students understand the concept of consent as central to sexual relationships
including those within marriage.
• To develop negotiating skills

Learning outcomes:
• Have a broader understanding of the concept of ‘culture’ and how it impacts
on their lives.
• Understand the different pressures on boys and girls to act in particular ways
and the role culture plays in this.
• Have an increased awareness of how gender roles impact on personal relationships.
• Have identified sources of support.
• Improve their negotiating skills and their ability to communicate confidently.
• Understand the role of culture and the law in relation to marriage.
• Understand how human rights are based on international agreement and cover
many cultural worlds.
• Understand how the needs of the individual can conflict with the needs of the
wider group.

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