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‘Face Up’ is a resource focused on teenage relationships and on the pre-cursors to domestic violence. It is designed to increase participants understanding of the issue and to encourage pro-social behaviour by developing their communication skills in order to challenge negative behaviour. It also enables young people to develop support networks around them who they can rely on if they are experiencing abuse.

The resource contains seven engaging interactive exercises, ranging from class debates to role-play activities. These activities are designed to stimulate awareness, discussion and analysis of domestic abuse, its causes and consequences. It contains real-life scenarios and asks young people to think about and practice how they would respond in a range of scenarios.

The programme is aimed at all ability levels and meets the needs of a range of learning styles. Activities are interactive and visually stimulating and so particularly suitable for lower ability groups. The resource can be used for both whole-class and targeted interventions; we recommend a whole-class approach because the resource is designed to take a preventative approach.

By delivering these activities you will cover the key skills needed for young people to develop the skills needed to challenge abusive behaviour.

Face-to-face development training is also available.

See ‘Face Up’ here

Ariel Trust, 2014