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CHOOSE RESPECT is a US based campaign to promote healthy relationships and prevent dating (relationship) abuse. The campaign is designed to reach boys and girls ages 11 to 14 – and the adults who care about them – with messages about healthy relationships. CHOOSE RESPECT messages challenge harmful beliefs about dating abuse and stress the importance of respectful dating relationships.

How to develop a peer group that endorses the norm of healthy and respectful relationships: Choose Respect Leaders

Using a game show format to teach about respect and let kids share their knowledge and skills: Choose Respect Trivia Night

Getting teens to think about what they would value in a healthy relationship: Dream Date

Getting teens to talk about respect after watching a film: Express Yourself

A dramatic role play exercise about respect: Get Into the Act

Physical activity tied in with learning about healthy relationships: Hoops for Respect

Staging a debate/talk show about respect: Let’s Talk Respect

Healthy relationships game: OK or No Way

Individual activity thinking about respect and healthy behaviours: Reflections on Respect

Reflecting on gender roles and stereotypes: What Role Will You Choose

Reflecting on how relationships are portrayed in the media: What You See is What You Get

Evaluation form for these learning resources: Evaluation Tools