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Welcome to Ask AVA! We hope that the tools and resources on this site will be useful and thought provoking. Please take time to have a look around, and don’t forget to add your resources and projects to our database and maps.

New Posts

Why Young Women Think RSE is Important

As we re-launch this platform with updated content to help schools prepare for mandatory Relationships and Sex Education, we feel it is important to ensure young people's voices and experiences

Media Guidelines on VAWG – Zero Tolerance

A guide for journalists on how best to handle stories and events relating to VAWG. The guide is available here. More information on Zero Tolerance is available here.

Under Pressure – Zero Tolerance

Under Pressure is a training programme developed by Zero Tolerance with the aim of supporting professionals working with young people to open discussions about risks they may be facing (groomings, exploitation), how

Equally Safe at School – Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance are piloting a whole school approach to preventing gender based violence (GBV) across eight schools. By working with schools to increase awareness of these issues, and improve responses

Anyone Can Play – Zero Tolerance

A series of webpages relating to gender stereotyping and the effect it has on children. The page provides links to various blogs and resources explaining and exploring gender stereotyping. The

Gender Equal Play in Early Learning and Childcare – Zero Tolerance

Guide on the impact and prevalence of gender stereotyping in young children. The guide provides advice on how to challenge gender stereotyping when working with young children. The guide is